Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose for A Collection of Wonderful Things: Giving something a statement of purpose makes it seem so serious, doesn't it? Alas, I feel that I need to explain the motivation behind creating this blog so that you, my wonderful darling audience, will be better able to understand  why I've decided to fashion it into existence. It has dawned upon me that we live in a very cynical age, cynical to the point where  most of the things we find humorous are just ironic or plain mean, people are used to voicing complaints or distress rather than joys and delights, and curiosity, meaningful observation, and wonder are not being put upon the high pedestal that they rightly deserve. Now, I know that we live in distressing times, but I just can't bring myself to see my life in retrospect as coming from a time that didn't have any good in it. I would like to focus upon the goods things that are happening all around us every second of every day, and not leave them hidden within the shadows of the negative or the bad. I want to observe the small, yet important, magnificent things in life and give them the attention they rightly deserve. I want to see life in the natural sun and starlight, rather than in the muck of modernity. So that is what this blog is about--Absolutely wonderful things that the majority may or may not notice on a daily basis, and my thoughts upon why those wonderful things are valuable to us and the way we live every day. What I hope to accomplish by dedicating one small corner of the internet world to this is that, for those who read it, these observations make your day just a little bit better, a little more brighter, and possibly give you an honest, innocent laugh or three. I want to assist you in smiling purely because something is good. I hope that this blog accomplishes that. Let's see. Until then,
Fondest regards, Your darling,

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  1. Vanessa, I simply loved this SOP of yours! Of course, you're one of those who're doing their part to spread smiles across the world. Little drops of rain make a mighty ocean. I hope more people take up similar initiatives.